Sometimes it is the subtle changes that makes the biggest difference.

Cosmetic bonding is a conservative way of using aesthetic, tooth-coloured materials to re-shape and re-contour worn, broken or misshapen teeth. Cosmetic bonding can be a good alternative to crowns when there is enough tooth structure left to use as a base to improve the appearance and flaws of front teeth. Prior to bonding, tooth whitening can be carried out to achieve a more uniform and even base-colour.

A mock-up (diagnostic wax up) can be constructed in advance to plan and visualize where the bonding can be placed in order to achieve an aesthetic, yet natural result.

Composite Bonding

A thin coating can be applied on the front surface of the tooth to help mask any flaws in the appearance such as lines or intrinsic stains. The bonding materials are then sculpted on the surface, set, and polished to high degree and shine.

The results do greatly depend on your dentist’s natural artistic skills and experience with cosmetic work as well as the type of cosmetic resin used.

Combination enlighten tooth whitening and cosmetic composite bonding

At Eledent we use some of the best cosmetic composite resins for our restorative and cosmetic work. If you would like more information about our materials.

Before & After Composite Bonding