A combination of different techniques is used to reinvent your smile with a smile make over depending on your concerns and goals.

Our Cosmetic dentists first and most important objective is to listen to you and recognizing your concerns. They may ask you questions about colour, height, shape, alignment of your teeth so try to consider all the little details of what you wish to improve. Maybe you have a photograph of your smile before your teeth changed or simply like a particular celebrity’s smile?

Discuss the best treatment option to achieve your goals

  • Is there an example smile e.g. of a celebrity you aspire to have?
  • Do you want to have the smile you had many years ago or before an accident?

Once we have an idea what you would like to achieve, we can give you an idea of the treatment options that would best achieve those goals. Often a combination of teeth whitening, crowns, veneers and sometimes orthodontic treatment is needed.

Photographs and Digital Scan

Photographs for Smile Makeover

We will take multiple photographs and scan your smile with our state of art 3D Trios digital scanner. There is no need for moulds or impressions. We will be able to design your smile or show you a preview of the final results with the help of our dental technicians who can create a preview on a 3D model for you to view.

Digital Scan for Smile Makeover

One a plan has been agreed with you and time line has been set, you will be given a full break down of costs and informed of all the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed decision. When you consent, treatment can commence.

Often treatment begins with teeth whitening as most patients first try to brighten and whiten their teeth. Sometimes it is possible to start working on your smile whilst you slowly whitening your teeth at home.

Our cosmetics dentists like to give you the opportunity to try your new smile by creating a temporary version of the final result. This is fitted for you after the teeth have been prepared, and you can sometimes have them in your mouth for over a month for make sure you would be happy with them or let us know if you would like to tweak any aspect of the design.

Finally when you are ready, the technician create stunning porcelain ceramic crowns, veneers, or bridges and they are fitted for you in place.
We provide complementary cosmetic consultations everyday at Eledent and are happy to answer any questions or concerns. Just give our friendly team a call and book your consultation today.