Your first visit

So what should you expect on your first visit with us?

When you first contact our clinic, our friendly reception team will take some key details to register you on our database. They may enquire about your dental needs and other requirements, such as, locating the clinic or accessing the premises.

Things we need

On your first visit, you will be asked to provide information regarding your medical and dental status. The information enables us to provide treatment and appointments customised to your needs and keep you safe at all times.

We record any changes to your medical status e.g. have you seen your GP or been to hospital since we last saw you, any new medications added or allergies that may have developed or discovered.

Any lifestyle changes such as smoking habits, alcohol in‐take, drugs, and stress.

Meeting your dentist

You are then welcomed into one of relaxing dental rooms by one our caring and friendly dental assistants who will be looking after you, so please don’t hesitate to ask should you need anything. We know that most people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist and especially so when you meet a new dentist.

Your first visit is chance for your dentist to get to know you, your anxieties and any trouble you may be having with your teeth.

Your dentist will carry out a thorough and comprehensive dental examination, which will include an external check of your jaw joints and muscles, an oral cancer screen of soft tissues inside the mouth, an essential gum health assessment together with a full assessment of the dentition and previous fillings and restorations.

We listen to you

We love answering queries. Mahya, Robert and Maryam are all very friendly, caring and very respectful to your needs. So feel free to discuss your needs; they are here to listen.

We create a treatment plan for you

Your first visit

Any necessary digital (low dose) x-rays will be taken and all the findings will be discussed in full with you. Following these investigations and discussions a full written treatment plan will be formulated with your agreement, outlining all costs and appointments needed.

You may then choose to book the necessary appointments or take your treatment plan with you to think about your options and book later in your own time. And don’t worry, if you remember any questions that you had wished to ask prior to your next session, please don’t hesitate to contact us; Maryam, our clinic coordinator or any of the dentists will be happy to help.