We offer a range or oral surgery treatments directly to our patients as well as accepting referrals from local NHS clinics who use our expertise

Tooth removal

The extraction of unrestorable, infected teeth, allowing your jaw bone and gum to heal thereby removing pain and infection. At The Eledent Clinic in Sutton, we aim to remove teeth in the most conservative method possible reducing your discomfort and educing damage to surrounding gum and teeth. Dr Robert has over 10 years experience in providing minor oral surgery services at local clinics in Sutton and Hospitals.

Socket preservation

Once a tooth is removed from your jaw the surrounding tissues will collapse. This may compromise future treatments such as dental implants and fixed bridges. At the Eledent clinic once a tooth is removed we can preserve the socket and fill with a bone substitute material, which will significantly reduce the collapse of the surrounding tissues and improves the restorable options available to replace a missing tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal

Recurrent infections and radiating pain to the neck and temples may all be associated with impacted and infected wisdom teeth. At the Eledent clinic we are equipped to remove wisdom teeth, which would normally be referred to Hospital. From routine removal of wisdom teeth to surgical procedures for removal of Impacted wisdom teeth, can all be provided here at clinic.


Once a root canal treatment has been completed and a persistent infection persists at the tip, or apices, of the root, an apicectomy may be indicated. During an apicectomy the tip of the root is exposed, and the infection is cleaned directly.

Bone grafting

You may be planning to have a dental implant to replace a missing tooth but are aware some bone has been lost since the time of the tooth extraction. Without enough bone a dental implant can fail to integrate or may not even be possible. At The Eledent Clinic, we can help rebuild the reduced jaw line using bone substitute materials and bone grafting techniques. This will greatly improve the success rate of dental implant treatment.

Sinus lifts

For the placement of dental implants in the back part and molar region of upper jaw may be affected by a low-lying air sinus. To make space for an adequate length dental implant the sinus may be elevated, and a bone substitute placed to increase the available bone volume to either placed the implant simultaneously or as a second stage treatment.

Gum grafting

The repositioning and manipulation of the gum to cover areas of gum recession and exposed roots which may be causing sensitivity an poor aesthetics affecting your smile line.

Dental implants

The restoration of single or multiple missing teeth by placing a prosthesis onto prepositioned titanium posts which will integrate with the jaw bone.